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29th Mar 2020

Hugelkultur Farm Featured on our Website

Have you checked out our website Go ahead and take a look! The webpage with all of our episodes and social media links also features a 2 acre hugelkultur farm that I made from scratch with the landowners. There are many benefits that hugelkultur methods provide for raised bed farming. One benefit from burying the downed trees after clearing the land to start the farm, the tree's wood are used in the long-term plans, which they provide nutrients for the plants grown in the beds. These 'hugels' offer more benefits that I can explain in one of our full episodes. This sustainable agriculture method may be a great addition to your permaculture design. The land is also slightly graded to allow water to fill up the pond naturally, and this farm produces everything that you would think a farm cultivates. I can't wait to grow with you as we Journey into Permaculture!

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